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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Good quality of features
  • Free and eCommerce plans
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JouwWeb, a Dutch service to build websites and online shops, has also launched a brand for the international market. Its name is Webador and is specially geared towards English and German speaking countries from Europe.

Webador is a very simple and free to use website builder with a free domain, attractive designs, business mailbox and eCommerce functions.


Webador in detail

With more than 65k satisfied customers since its launching, the website builder is showing an impressive growth that has allowed them to obtain multiple awards and international recognition.

Thumbs Up

  • User-friendly website builder
  • Excellent price
  • Simple and intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Great eCommerce features
  • Several third-party systems integration

Thumbs Down

  • Lacking some features
  • Some more online payment processors will be welcomed to integrate

User experience

One of the best aspects of Webador is how simple it is to use. It is a very easy to navigate platform, with a drag and drop system of building the site, even without any previous knowledge about web design. One can practically set a website within a day and start selling in the blink of an eye.

Webador's ecommerce software works as well as JouwWeb does, but some changes have been made to better suit the relevant countries (in particular the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Austria). The webshops’ features include integration with credit cards and other online payment methods and inventory management.

The platform lets users use built-in SEO capabilities to optimize website ranking across multiple search engines and communicate with clients using a custom email address. Webador enables businesses to generate performance reports and promote products across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay and Facebook.

Webador also enables managers to gain insights into visitors’ geographic information, devices used for browsing, popular pages, and referral websites via the statistics dashboard. You can track your visitors, analyze traffic sources and origin and receive tips on how to make your website more successful.

Pricing is available on monthly and annual subscriptions and support is extended via documentation, phone, email and other online measures. Their fast and informative feedback to enquiries and their useful tutorials are simply awesome.

Premium options

Free Plan: Webador has a free version and offers a free trial. It is ideal for individuals and hobbyists.

The Free Plan includes: Free hosting, unlimited pages, unlimited storage, unlimited data traffic, 50+ responsive templates, free stock photos, dedicated support team, secure connection (SSL) & Blog function

Pro Plan: For 9€/month (1€ the first three months). Though committing to 1 year will get you 7.5€/month (0€ the first three months). According to the company, this plan is perfect for small business owners.

The Pro plan has all the features of the Free plan plus:

Free domain name (1), personal mailbox (1), ecommerce options (10 products limits), 0% commission, Ad-free website, multilingual website, detailed statistics, search bar, password protection, customizable forms, unlimited photo albums,  contributors, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, audio &  your HTML.

Business Plan: For 18€/month (1€ the first three months). Though committing to 1 year will get you 15€/month (0€ the first three months).

This plan has all the features of the above plans and: 2 domain names, 1 XL personal mailbox, unlimited webshop products & HD Video.

Characteristics & Tools

Webador offers a complete range of features such as social media integration, SSL connection, blogs, password protection, Google search console, multiple payment methods, maps, and more. Webshop owners can manage orders, calculate shipping cost for local and international shipments, print shipping labels, track delivery, and send customer notifications via email.

The eCommerce software helps businesses to create customizable websites and digital webshops to streamline retail operations. Professionals can build branded websites using the drag-and-drop interface, register domain names and preview final designs before publishing.

Webador comes with a drag-and-drop builder, which allows users to customize templates and color schemes, add logos, images, videos, forms, product catalogs, and multiple webpages to websites. The images are automatically optimized for the web and the builder has dynamic slideshows and photo albums.

The software supports integration with several third-party systems including Apple Pay, iDEAL and PayPal, which simplifies online payments for customers.


Webador is very easy from start to finish. Its free version is very good and the paid options are also very competitive. The relationship between price and quality is excellent.

Webador's comprehensive service includes a website, hosting, your own domain name, and your own mailbox. A complete package that serves all your online needs.

Despite being a new website builder, users have been very satisfied with its operation so far. Its arrival in Europe brings a lot of value to the market and its growth range is still very large. It will undoubtedly be one of the biggest website builders for years to come. We recommend it!